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Telco 2.0™ Market Study
Telco 2.0™ - Telcos Role in Advertising  2.0 Report
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Telco 2.0™ Executive Brainstorm


How to industrialise Telcos’ role in supporting online and mobile advertising and marketing

16th October, The Grange Hotel, London, 0830 - 1800

Using the ‘Mindshare’ interactive process this Summit is made up of short, specially prepared ‘stimulus presentations’, interactive audience feedback via collaborative technology, votes on key topics, in-depth panel discussions and supported by expert ‘analysts-in-residence’ to process feedback in real time. Additional networking will take place in an exhibition area.

Key themes to address:

Specifically, we will be looking at:

Facilitator: Chris Barraclough, Managing Director, STL Partners (Editor, Telco 2.0™/GSMA "Telcos Role in the Advertising Value Chain" Market Study)

Analyst-in-Residence: Jim Cook, Founder, MobiAdNews

Details of speakers here.

0830 Welcome - Agenda, Process, Introductions

Chris Barraclough, STL Partners - Output from Telco 2.0™/GSMA EMEA and US Brainstorms in March. Latest market developments since then.

0900 Real Needs of (Upstream) Customers

Stimulus Speakers and Panelists:

Needs of Brands – Nick Strauss, Senior Planner, Mather Advertising

Needs of Content Owners - Sunil Gundeira, VP Mobile EMEA, Walt Disney Internet Group

Needs of Media Agencies - Richard Wheaton, Managing Director, Neo@Ogilvy

Interactive ‘Mindshare’ Debate with Audience

1030 The Break

1100 Creating ‘industrial platforms’ that satisfy customers’ needs?

Where are we aiming to be in 3-5 years’ time? Where are we today?

Stimulus Speakers and Panelists:

Mobile Operator View - Frank Boulben, New Business Development Director, Vodafone Group

Entertainment Industry View - Andrew Bud, Vice Chairman, Mobile Entertainment Forum

Status of GSMA/MMA activities - Henry Stevens, Business Development Director, GSMA

Interactive ‘Mindshare’ Debate with Audience

1230 The Lunch

Demos of Cutting Edge New Tools/Products - Exhibitors from Innovation Forum

1345 Case Studies

Best practices in telco, media and online sectors that serve this market

Stimulus Speakers and Panelists:

Wind (Italy): Lessons from a cutting-edge new project - Tarek Wahba, Senior Manager, Orascom Telecom

Yahoo! In Europe - Charles Sword, Head of Mobile Advertising, Yahoo! Europe

Virgin Media Case Study: Lessons in ‘Four Play’ - Victor Malachard, Snr Director, Infospace

Interactive ‘Mindshare’ Debate with Audience

1500 How to leverage telco assets most effectively to add value to advertisers?

The practicalities of Targeting and Measurement

Stimulus Speakers and Panelists:

Where’s the True Value in the Data? - Tony Riley, Founder, Mobile Enterprise

How to Extract Valuable Data? - Steve Van Zanen, Vice President, Acision

How to Enable Real-Time Policy-Based Ad Management? - Joe Hogan, CTO, Openet

Interactive ‘Mindshare’ Debate with Audience

1615 The Tea

1645 Industry Roadmap

What needs to happen to meet (upstream and downstream) customer requirements?

Final Brainstorm and Vote on most important issues that need to be resolved 3, 6, 12 months.

Stimulus Speakers and Panelists:

Carl Rijsbrack, VP Business Ventures, Alcatel-Lucent

Panel Review:

Richard Saggers, EMEA Chairman, Mobile Marketing Forum

Andrew Bud, Vice Chairman, Mobile Entertainment Forum

Henry Stevens, Business Development Director, GSMA

1800 Close & Drinks Reception

Demos of Cutting Edge New Tools/Products

Exhibitors from Innovation Forum


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