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Telco 2.0™ Executive Brainstorm

Digital Advertising & Marketing Summit

How to industrialise Telcos’ role in supporting online and mobile advertising and marketing

Photographs from the March 2007 Industry Brainstorm


Unique 'Mindshare'™ Format:

Part of the 3rd Telco 2.0™ Executive Brainstorm, this Summit builds on the output from two Telco 2.0™/GSMA events held in March in London and New York (analysis here). It looks to explore in more depth the strategic issues raised in the latest edition of the strategic market study – Telcos’ Role in the Advertising Value Chain - and supports the GSMA's Mobile Advertising working group.


Feedback from previous events:

A fabulous event. CEO, Service Provider

The highest quality event of its kind I have ever attended. Vice Chairman, Advertising Agency

VERY inspiring. I am incorporating the ideas into our strategy. Head of Strategy, Mobile Operator

Fixed and mobile operators have acknowledged the opportunity represented by advertising as their core subscription revenues come under pressure. In 2006 and early 2007, operator focus has been trialing ad solutions in conjunction with established vendors and, increasingly, with start-ups. This is important as operators seek to understand what end-users and advertisers want from their advertising platforms. Going forward, the key question remains: What do operators need to do to scale up their platform solutions and industrialise the on-line and mobile advertising channels so that advertisers see them as areas to invest serious dollars?

Rationale for the Summit

Platform solutions almost always consolidate into a few major winners. Windows on the PC; Google, Yahoo!, MSN with search etc. Operators must established a common, standardised approach to on-line and mobile advertising covering: Ad formats; Campaign Management; Ad Metrics; Customer profiling. Only this will encourage advertisers to use Telco channels in volume by enabling them to target the entire Telco universe with a single campaign. A standardised, industrialised approach requires co-operation amongst individual operators and amongst the Telco, Advertising, Media and Vendor communities. This workshop seeks to foster this co-operation and collaboration by establishing a set of common principles and action plan for moving forward. For more, see


We will follow a facilitated 'Mindshare' brainstorming process based on new research conducted into this topic, and work done by the GSMA among others. We will also present a selection of demos of the most cutting edge innovators/disruptors in the market.

['Mindshare'] is excellent... more intimate than the larger shows, an opportunity to have a real conversation with the audience. Vice President, Major Media Company


Output from GSMA Working Party, STL Partners' Market Study; New Desk research from STL Partners; Preparation of straw man approach; Recruitment of Stimulus Speakers from across the value chain.


Clarification of the opportunity and possibility of creating a cross-telco digital advertising and marketing support platform.


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Note: We will be presenting results of new Telco 2.0™ research. See also Telco 2.0™ Blog for latest market analysis.


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