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Getting the Highest Bandwidth to the Largest Number of People: New Models for Private-Public Sector Collaboration

18th October, The Guoman Tower Hotel, London, 0830 - 1800

Using the ‘Mindshare’ interactive process this Summit is made up of short, specially prepared ‘stimulus presentations’, interactive audience feedback via collaborative technology, votes on key topics, in-depth panel discussions and supported by expert ‘analysts-in-residence’ to process feedback in real time. Additional networking will take place in an exhibition area.

Facilitator: Martin Geddes, Chief Analyst, STL Partners

Analyst-in-residence: Barry Shrier, CEO, Liberty Wireless

Current list of speakers here.

0830 Welcome - Agenda, Process, Introductions

Martin Geddes, Chief Analyst, Telco 2.0™ Initiative/STL Partners - Output from March 2007 Telco 2.0™ Brainstorms and 2007 Summer Research Programme.

0900 Soapbox: ‘Open Sesame’ – Time to get radical?

Stimulus Speaker:

Malcolm Matson, President, OPLAN Foundation

0915 Broadband Europe - Where’s the Value from Pervasive Access to High-Bandwidth: the likely Economic and Social Benefits…and Costs?

Stimulus Speakers and Panelists:

Kip Meek, Chairman, Broadband Stakeholder Group

Susan Binns, Director Lisbon Strategy & Policies for the Information Society, European Commission

Dave Hughes, Director Wireless Broadband, BT

Interactive ‘Mindshare’ Debate with Audience

1030 Break

1100 Beyond Internet access: identifying commercial opportunities from education, transport, healthcare, public safety, and community services

What are the revenue opportunities for operators in delivering these services? Cutting-edge case studies.

Stimulus Speakers and Panelists:

Healthcare example: Ben Hutchison, Programme Director, N3, National Health Service (UK); Neil Jackson, Senior Manager, Service Operations, N3SP, BT

Ecological example: Bas Boorsma, Head, Connected Urban Development, Cisco

Education example: Michael Engström, Vice President, Packetfront

Interactive ‘Mindshare’ Debate with Audience

1230 Lunch

1345 Funding infrastructure - lessons from outside telecom on sharing risk and reducing expense

What can telcos learn from the deployment of transport, healthcare and schools infrastructure using non-traditional PPP/PFI approaches?

Stimulus Speakers and Panelists:

Dirk van der Woude, City of Amsterdam

Roy Gradwell, Consultant, Alfred McApline plc

Brian Condon, Managing Director, Close the Gap International

Interactive ‘Mindshare’ Debate with Audience

1515 Tea

1545 How service providers and the public sector could collaborate better to fund access and services

What do municipalities need to do to be more friendly to investment? What do operators need to do differently to engage municipalities? Should municipalities operate independently from central government?

Stimulus Speakers and Panelists:

Dave Carter, Head of the Digital Development Agency, Manchester City Council

Diogo Vasconcelos, Distinguished Fellow, Internet Business Solutions Group Cisco Systems Inc.

Malcolm Corbett, Director, Community Broadband Network

Interactive ‘Mindshare’ Debate with Audience

1700 Next Steps

What needs to happen to address the issues raised. Next steps for government policy makers, regulators, municipalities and service providers.

Final Group Brainstorm


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