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IMS Services Forum Industry Brainstorm 2006
Telco 2.0™
re-thinking the strategic role of the operator in a world of IP-based convergence

NEW! Scorecard for Managing in an IP World - Unveiled at the event

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“92% of telco practitioners say that re-thinking the strategic role of the operator in a world of IP-based convergence’ is a key priority.” Telco 2.0™ Market Study, May 2006.


IP is changing the game. The lines between industries are blurring and everyone is after the same consumers. The vertically integrated business model in under attack from all sides: tougher regulation, new technology (most notably VoIP and open spectrum), disintermediatory new entrants, and advancing customer expectations. This is causing disruption in the telco industry - for operators, their suppliers and partners. The key question is: How do we make money in this new world?

Part of a new industry initiative, and based on an exhaustive programme of research and analysis, the Telco 2.0™ Industry Brainstorm focuses on the following burning issues:

  1. How to clarify the opportunities and threats to profitability across the value chain (from the point of view of traditional Operators, VNOs/Disruptors, ISPs, Media players, IT and Device Manufacturers).
  1. How to make money from:
    • Voice & Messaging 2.0Telephony/SMS meet Skype/Yahoo
    • Advertising-funded Content - Exploiting customer data and attention
    • Broadband Connectivity - New ways of funding and pricing access

Why it’s different

Our ‘Mindshare’ format and process is very different from normal conferences:

Topics Covered

Day One (Plenary): Opportunities and threats to profitability

Day Two (Interactive Breakouts) How to make money from…

Research input

The Telco 2.0™ Industry Brainstorm builds on a major research programme carried out by STL between January and April 2006:

NOTE: This has been turned into a major report calledTelco 2.0™


Specially invited senior execs from leading organisations across the value chain. Current speaker list here.